Welcome to Reiki Healing Los Angeles

Welcome to Reiki Healing Los Angeles, a private escape from the hustle and bustle of  Los Angeles, to experience the healing power of the ancient healing art of Reiki.  You can also indulge in an intuitive reading, yoga therapy and/or a private yoga session if your heart so desires.

Reiki Healing Los Angeles’ mission is to support you on your healing journey, which ever way we can, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  As consciousness continues to expand and people’s vibrations continue to elevate, more and more people are interested in non-traditional healing modalities.  If your soul has called out for something different, out of the ordinary, we hope we may be a good match for you.  Please feel free to look over the website, if you have any questions that remain unanswered, please reach out directly with any questions or remarks.

Reiki Healing Los Angeles, also hopes to act as a resource for your healing journey.  To learn more about our Reiki Healing Sessions, please click here.  To learn more about our intuitive readings, please click here.  To visit our blog, click here.

We hope to meet you as you trudge the road to happy destiny.

Top Ten Benefits of Reiki

Thinking of trying a Reiki Healing Session?  Here are a list of the top ten benefits of Reiki Healing.

  1. Reiki is relaxing, physically, mentally and emotionally.  It relieves stress and anxiety, decreases blood pressure, promotes cellular healing, increases well-being and clarity
  2. Reiki relieves pain
  3. Reiki promotes sound sleep
  4. Reiki promotes spiritural growth – no matter what your beliefs are
  5. Reiki clears energy lines, meridians and chakras to promote better overall health
  6. Reiki keeps the subtle body energized in balance, leading to better overall health
  7. Reiki removes emotional obstacles, blockages and traumas from the past, present and future to heal a person emotionally
  8. Reiki helps your body heal better and faster.
  9. Reiki strengthens the body and immune system
  10. Reiki helps you to be happy and free